Akureyri Classic Whale Watching

Akureyri Classic Whale Watching

Duration: 3 hours / Difficulty: Very easy

Here is your chance to see the incredible Eyjafjord Humpbacks in their natural habitat. The warmth of the summer sun brings vibrant life and plentitude of food to the fjord and following it, in a feeding frenzy, come the larger-than-life humpbacks. 

Our specially trained whale watching guides are experts at spotting them and telling you all about their behaviour, any question you have, we promise you an answer. 

Our ship is the only high speed, specially modified, whale watching ship in Iceland. Capable of carrying 200 persons with spectacular views from our “cinema styled” viewing platforms. Its speed guarantees availability of whale watching tours from Akureyri, where ever the whales might be located in the deepest fjord in Iceland.
With ample indoor and outdoor seating, bar and cafeteria, you can be sure that the ride is comfortable and pleasant even at speed.

We are extremely proud to have guided over our 15 years of operation, more then 800.000 nature lovers in search of the incredible whales of Iceland. 

Come and visit the whales and wild life with Elding Whale Watching!

Location of starting point: Elding ticket office at the floating pier at Hof Cultural Centre in downtown Akureyri. You can't miss it.

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